Kathy McBride

Kathy McBride


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Kathy McBride is a life-long resident of Trenton and has been active in community relations for over 20 years. Mcbride currently serves of Councilwoman At-Large and is the former City Council President. In her positions, McBride’s efforts have been focused on improving public education, combatting poverty and crime, increasing employment opportunities, expanding affordable housing and protecting the rights of working families.

After losing her son to gun violence in 1993, McBride established Mothers Against Violence, a nonprofit aimed to reduce crime through anti-violence initiatives in the community. She has received several honors for outstanding leadership, service and enriching cultural diversity in Trenton by The Rossettes, The American Legion, Jamaican Organization of NJ-Mercer Chapter, and the Bio-Riette, Inc.


  • If elected, Kathy MvBride would be the first female mayor of Trenton.


  • Crime and Public Safety: Improve community policing policies, increase foot patrol, enhance communication between police and residents, secure funding for staffing and resources of the police department, and offer officers and firefighters salray incentives to maintain residency in the city.
  • School Reform: Work with the Board of Education to provide resources to school to adavance academic growth, add career and technical education programs to schools, incorporate STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) learning in every subject, and promote bilingual education.
  • Econommic Development: Work with business interests and corporations to attract new businesses and provide employment opportunities to residents, sell abandoned city-owned properties to developers, redevelop surface parking lots into real estate, and impose wage contributions for employees outside of the city.
  • Infrastructure: Rebuild city bridges and repair damaged roads.

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