Goals for the City of Trenton

Beautiful Trenton is committed to sparking interest and enthusiasm in the future of our city and working with our residents to foster and articulate new visions of progress. We’re challenging the mayoral and council candidates and decision-makers to commit to specific solutions that address the most critical issues facing Trenton. We are working with voters by broadly publicizing these goals and the corresponding responses from mayoral and council candidates.We support serious and civil dialogue about Trenton’s future, but we will not endorse any specific candidate for public office or any political party.

These Goals and the Objectives to achieve them emerged from a series of community meetings we held and from outreach with numerous Trenton residents and activists. We believe these goals and objectives are within our reach, provided we can generate and sustain sufficient political will to advance a winning vision for our city.

-Beautiful Trenton



Share your thoughts and on the right goals and objectives for moving Trenton Forward below.