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Zachary A. Chester won reelection with 62.09% of the vote cast at the May 13 election.


Incumbent: Zachary Chester West Ward Councilman Chester attended Trenton Central High School as a member of the class of 1987. After graduating, Chester received a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Business Management from Norfolk State University and a Master’s Degree of Business Administration from Madison University. Chester has worked in the United State’s Congress as a Community Relations Specialist under Rush Holt. In Trenton, Chester has worked for the Trenton Educational Development Corporation as a Reports Manager. Chester works with reviewing Community Block Grants to help children in Trenton under five receive free schooling. Chester focuses on the different needs of citizens in Trenton and the issues of housing between landlords and tenants. From 2004-2006, Chester was the President of the Trenton Chapter of the NAACP. Chester works with the Capital Health Foundation, the Kidsbridge Childrens’ Museum, and the Grants Committee for the Princeton Area Community Foundation. Chester is also a member of the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce Future Business Leader Council and is the president of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Zeta Iota Lambda Chapter.

Phone: 609-989-3146

Fax: 609-989-3190
E-Mail: zchester@trentonnj.org
Website: http://www.chesterforwestward.com/

General Election Results

Vote Count
SHERWOOD K. BROWN1,24137.70%
Personal Choice70.21%

Other Candidate


Opponent: Sherwood Brown  Sherwood Brown was raised in Hamilton Township and has lived in the West Ward of Trenton for the last 30 years.  For the length of his residency Trenton, Brown has been a member of the Friendship Baptist Church and currently serves as a Trustee on the board. He also currently serves on the Trenton Ethics Board, which ensure that city employees and elected officials file required disclosure forms and do not engage in any business interests that conflicts with their duties. Brown is also president of the Trenton National United Beverage Association, which grants scholarships benefitting local high school graduates and promotes youth education programs. Among his many community service contributions, Brown also served as a member of the Trenton Public Library Board of Trustees. Brown has worked for over 20 years as a facilities manager at the Princeton Public Library, and as an owner and operator of a small business in Trenton for over 25 years, he said that he believes that companies operating within the city need to give back to the local communities and work with residents to ultimately provide and safe and prosperous place to do business. Brown advocates for to make Trenton safe, embrace economic revitalization, and higlight the town’s history to enhance tourism and generate revenue.