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Marge Caldwell-Wilson won reelection with 61.44% of the vote cast at the May 13 election.


Incumbent: Marge Caldwell-Wilson North Ward Councilwoman/ City Council Vice President Marge Caldwell-Wilson has been a Trenton resident for thirty years. Caldwell-Wilson is disheartened by the issues facing residents, including the abandoned buildings, drug activity, crime, litter and more. Caldwell-Wilson hopes to develop positive relationship between Council and the City Administration after the May elections. Caldwell-Wilson intends to work closely with North Ward residents in order to better the city Trenton. In 1998, Caldwell-Wilson became a member of the Jersey Street Community Association. This organization focuses on responding to the community’s needs. Caldwell-Wilson holds a presidential position on the Trenton Council of Civic Associations.

Phone: 609-989-3146

Fax: 609-989-3190

General Election Results

Vote Count
Personal Choice10.05%

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Opponent: Algernon Ward  Algernon Ward earned his Bachelor’s degree in science from Trenton State College, now The College of New Jersey. Ward works as a research scientist at the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, specializing in analytical chemistry. He has received numerous acknowledgements including being the first African American research scientist and chemist to be employed by the New Jersey Department of Health, Department of Health employee of the year in 1999, an outstanding leadership award in 1999, and other volunteer and community service awards. Examples of Ward’s community service include serving on Board of Directors of Trenton Historical Society, being a member of the Concerned Black Men of Trenton, organizing anti-drug campaign, “Lawnchair Crusade,” organizing the “Yes We Can” campaign to install a civilian police director in Trenton, and many more. Ward’s concerns for the city of Trenton include reducing crime, enhancing education, adding to quality of life of residents, supporting jobs and keeping taxes down and fiscally responsible. Website: