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Verlina Reynolds-Jack won reelection with 59.03% of the vote cast at the June 10 run-off election.


Incumbent: Verlina Reynolds-Jackson East Ward Councilwoman Reynolds-Jackson attended Trenton Central High School before receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Trenton State College. After graduating from Trenton State College, Reynolds-Jackson attended Central Michigan University for a Master’s Degree of Science in Administration. As a Social Caseworker, Reynolds-Jackson works towards affordable housing for residents and needs for community members. Reynolds-Jackson focuses on the responsibilities of landlords and the enforcement of housing needs. Through her work with the police force in Trenton, Reynolds-Jackson strives to work towards solving public safety issues in the city. The current councilwoman works in the Division of Housing in the State Department of Community Affairs. Along with being an active member in the community and assistance members of Trenton, Reynolds-Jackson is a member of the Union Baptist Church and the Chambersburg Civic Association. Reynolds-Jackson also participates in the Villa Park Civic Association and the League of Women Voters. Also, Reynolds-Jackson is a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, the Trenton Alumnae Chapter.

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Run-Off Election Results

Vote Count
Personal Choice10.05%

General Election Results

Vote Count
Personal Choice20.12%

Other Candidates


Opponent: Pastor Pearlie Murray  Pearlie Murray is a licensed ordained pastor running for East Ward Council, where she has lived since 1996. Murray is a retired New Jersey State government employee and the president and organizer for the Garfield Avenue Civic Association. Murray is also on the Executive Board for the Law Enforcement Officers against Prostate Cancer and is the Executive Director and Founder of the “GWM Camp Read” learning institution. Feeding and clothing families in the East Ward Community is something that Murray works for. For the past eight years, Murray has been the East Ward team organizer for the City of Trenton Litter March. Other than political workings, Murray was also a former North Trenton Little League Coach and on the Church Street Neighborhood Watch. She also was a mentor for youth, men, and women in the New Jersey Detention Center. Pearlie Murray is married to Reginald Murray and has TCHS graduates in her family.


Opponent: Joe Harrison  Joe Harrison became involved in the Council due to problems he recognized in the city. He wants to improve the city by balancing the budget, helping tax revenues, and fixing the current educational issues in Trenton. One of his main goals is to keep Trenton moving forward and on to a better state than it currently is. Joe Harrison is also a product of the Trenton schooling system, which he believes was a positive experience. Harrison has been going to Council meetings for years and firmly believes that being a member of the Council is extremely important. Harrison’s video biography: