Trenton Resident’s Thoughts on the Election

Trenton Resident’s Thoughts on the Election By Gabrielle Beacken and Kelly Corbett TrentonVotes took to the grounds of The College of New Jersey to get the inside scoop from Trenton residents and employees on their thoughts about the upcoming Mayoral election. We first spoke to Mariyah, who works at Eickoff Dining Hall, whose biggest concern […]


Trenton Votes: A Citizen Profile


How to Boost the Economy in Trenton

During a recent mayoral forum, candidates were asked what they would do to bring a living wage to Trenton and attract businesses to the city. Some had broad stroke ideas for the city while others said that making the city more attractive to businesses would be the first order of business. “We need to clean […]


March 18th Forum Highlights Issues Important to the City

The mayoral candidates gathered on March 18th in Trenton and spoke to a packed auditorium of residents in their first forum since the petitions have been filed with the clerk’s office. With the exception of Councilwoman Kathy McBride, who was attending a city council meeting, candidates Jim Golden, Eric Jackson, Oliver “Bucky” Leggett, Paul Perez, and […]


How Many Votes Can You Cast for City Council?

How Many City Council Votes Can You Cast in the May Election? By Robin McLaughlin Four votes. When you step into the voting booth this May, you can cast four votes for city council. First, cast a vote for the council person of your choice in the ward you live in. Then, you can cast […]


The 6 Trenton Mayoral Candidates At A Glance

Having a hard time deciding which candidate is right for you? Unsure what each candidate stands for? This list provides an overview of each of the six candidates, showing what each their main focus is for their term, should they be elected. 1. Jim Golden-Jim Golden has a focus on changing the tax structure  in […]


Your Vote Matters!

If you haven’t decided whether you will vote for a mayoral candidate this year, you can tick the “yes” box now! It’s possible that you might be feeling like your vote won’t make a difference, but in fact, it can. Keep in mind that when a new mayor is elected, this person will hold a […]


5 Functions of City Council

5 Functions of City Council Creating legislation and mandates, as well as policy-making are the duties of city council. Once City Council has formed their legislation, it is then approved or disapproved by the mayor. City Council works closely under the mayor who oversees the work of city council. Community development is the responsibility of […]


Why You Should Vote for City Council

While the mayor may be the face of the city, the City Council of Trenton is often overlooked, though extremely important.  From local laws to budget development, the decisions of the city council have a huge effect on Trentonians.  Here are the duties of this legislative branch: Appoint top city officials, such as the chief […]