S.A.G.E. Coalition, Beautifying Trenton

Bringing Trenton Back to Life By Bri D’Anton                                                As you enter Gallery 219 in Trenton, NJ, you are immediately surrounded by art. Whether it’s a hanging piece on canvas, or the gallery walls […]


TCCA Speaks: Time to Vote

Did you vote? Are you going to vote? Who did you vote for? When are you voting? May 13, 2014 is Election Day in Trenton, NJ. The questions above will be heard many times between now and then. In 2010, 28.14% of registered voters actually voted. Some will say we got what we got because […]


6 Things You Should Know About Voting Day

Voting day is almost here! Do you have questions? This infographic might have your answers (click for a larger view).


How Can The Next Mayor Fight Corruption?

Corruption has been a major problem for years in Trenton, but how can corruption be fought? Journalist Nicholas Kusnetz, who worked on the State Integrity Investigation, an assessment of each state’s anti-corruption laws, says it is impossible to prevent all forms of corruption, but there are ways of making government more accountable. “What you want […]


The Four Big Misconceptions About Voting in a Municipal Election

1. “My Vote doesn’t matter” This excuse is commonly thrown around in any election. Because there are so many people voting already, what difference will your single vote make? Admittedly, you may fairly believe that is the case for a national election, or even state-wide elections, but that is not the case for local mayoral […]


Citizen Leader Shares His Heart and Hope for the City of Trenton

Eric Maywar, owner of Trenton’s “Used, Classic and Rare Books” and curator of the “Trenton Candidate Discussion Facbeook Group” undeniably has a huge heart for the city of Trenton. Between the social capital events he holds for the community and his “no-mudslinging allowed” campaign contributions, Maywar is constantly working to make his home the best […]


Former Mayor Lends Insight

Splashed across headlines around the country not long ago was the news of the conviction of former mayor Tony Mack on bribery, fraud, extortion and money laundering. Now that Trenton has the opportunity to vote in a fresh era under a new mayor, former mayor Douglas Palmer urges voters to base their ballots on full […]


5 Reasons The New Mayor Must Fight Crime

Crime statistics in Trenton have been on the rise. This May, the city must to elect a mayor who will not only keep his or her own nose clean, but do everything they can to reduce the criminal activity in Trenton. Here’s 5 reasons why crime must be an absolute priority for the next mayor: […]


How The Citizens Campaign is Helping Trentonians Transform Their Community

We live in a nation where government is based on the consent and participation of the governed, yet in practice the reality often does not match up.  Even at the local level we feel that government is too far removed or far too complex for us to be able to have a say in it. […]


What Can Trenton Do About the Abandoned Housing Problem?

What Trenton Can Do About the Abandoned Housing Problem? By Noor Azeem, Danny Gallagher, and George Tatoris Driving through the streets of Trenton, among the historic buildings and hustle of people there is one sight that is ever-present: the more than 3000 vacant properties that dot the cityscape. While these abandoned lots have the potential […]