About Trenton Votes

Trenton, NJ is at a point in its history where it needs great leadership. The city deserves a mayor and council who can reform crime, increase economic development, and manage the city’s budget in a fiscally responsible way. To elect that mayor and city council we need informed citizens who will go out to the polls and cast their vote. In the 2010 municipal election less than 30 percent of the Trenton population voted. We need to change that.

Trenton Votes is a collaborative project between the civic group, Beautiful Trenton, and a group of students and staff at the College of New Jersey. We are devoted to presenting unbiased, accurate information about the 2014 Trenton mayoral election.  By discussing with Trentonians the issues that face the city and the experience of each candidate, we believe voters can elect a leader who can meet the city’s needs.

Here residents can also find information about voter registration and easily locate the nearest polling station. Here, as in the last mayoral election, we will present answers to questions posed to each candidate about the most pressing issues our next mayor will contend with.

We encourage Trentonians to explore our site and make an informed vote about who should lead Trenton into a bright future.

If you would like to contact us, please email us at beautifultrenton@gmail.com.