How to Boost the Economy in Trenton


During a recent mayoral forum, candidates were asked what they would do to bring a living wage to Trenton and attract businesses to the city. Some had broad stroke ideas for the city while others said that making the city more attractive to businesses would be the first order of business. “We need to clean this town up and make it safe first, “ said Oliver “Bucky” Leggett. “No business will want to come here until we do.”

Jim Golden concurred with his opponent. There are 3300 abandoned homes to expand the tax base. That problem needs to be addressed first.  In addition we will partner with colleges to try and get new graduates to want to live here. We need to get them living in our city. This will grow the city.”

Getting more properties occupied and residents feeding the economy is a hope of many. Eric Jackson thinks the city can benefit as a transit hub. “I have been talking to developers and legislators. Our housing stock is prime to attract new residents.” Residents stimulate the economy.

Other candidates, like Paul Perez, think enlisting the help of academics in creating a plan to work on creating jobs. “I think it begins with small businesses,” he adds. “We can’t wait on big corporations to come to the city.” Walker Worthy had grander plans for the city and wants to take advantage of the waterfront location. “I think we should work on developing the waterfront, maybe even opening a casino,” he said, a comment which surprised the audience. “Trenton will not be the manufacturing mecca it was. We have to be business friendly. We have to be open for business.”


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