How Many Votes Can You Cast for City Council?


How Many City Council Votes Can You Cast in the May Election?

By Robin McLaughlin

Four votes. When you step into the voting booth this May, you can cast four votes for city council. First, cast a vote for the council person of your choice in the ward you live in. Then, you can cast 3 votes for At Large Council candidates. In the 2010 municipal elections in Trenton, most voters only chose to vote for one City Council member at large. This year there are 10 candidates for at-large council. They include:

Alex Bethea (Incumbent)
Daryl Books
Christine Donahue
Duncan Harrison, Jr.
Lee Ingram
Lisa Kasabach
Andrew Kennedy
Carter Patterson
Rafael Valentin
Phyllis Holly-Ward (Incumbent)

Electing up to three City Council at large members is beneficial to Trenton because it means more representation to make important decisions in conjunction with the mayor.

The City Council makes choices that affect the city on a daily basis. The decisions the Council makes include maintaining public spaces, urban planning, establishing city budgets, and the hiring of fire and police.

When voting day arrives, remember to vote for mayor and 4 city council candidates.

Your choice matters. Vote on May 13th this year.

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