5 Reasons The New Mayor Must Fight Crime


Crime statistics in Trenton have been on the rise. This May, the city must to elect a mayor who will not only keep his or her own nose clean, but do everything they can to reduce the criminal activity in Trenton. Here’s 5 reasons why crime must be an absolute priority for the next mayor:


  1. Trenton’s Crime Index
    The crime index is a number recorded by Neighborhood Scout, a national organization that ranks safety of cities and neighborhoods based on a number of different crime statistics reported in that area. The crime index runs from 0 to 100, 100 being the safest, and 0 being the most dangerous. On this scale, Trenton falls at a very alarming 10. In other words, Trenton is more dangerous than 90% of cities in the U.S. There are about 48 crimes annually per 1,000 residents, a number that is simply unacceptable.

  1. Your Chances of Becoming A Victim
    Neighborhood Scout also reports statistics related to an  individuals’ chances of falling victim to either a violent or property crime. In New Jersey, on average, there is a 1 in 345 chance that you will become a victim of a violent crime. In Trenton, that number multiplies by more than five: there is a 1 in 68 chance of you becoming a victim.
  1. National Comparisons
    In terms of murder and robbery, Trenton is five times over the national average annually, and when it comes to assault, Trenton is triple the national average. A city that once was known for its manufacturing is now becoming known for its crime statistics.

  1. Small Area, Big Numbers
    Trenton also has one of the highest crime rates per square mile in the entire nation. While median of the nation is at 39.5 crimes committed per square mile, and New Jersey’s is 85, Trenton’s has 500 crimes committed per square mile. This is a number that must be reduced. While boosting the economy and our school systems are a priority of the next mayor, reducing crime must be of precedence on the new mayor’s list of concerns.

  1. This is YOUR home!
    Trenton has the potential to be a truly great city again, and a great representative of the state of New Jersey. It is important you report potential crime in your neighborhoods to the authorities so they can investigate. Together, we can make sure that this city has the mayor it needs to reduce the crime rate and put Trenton back in the national spotlight for all the right reasons. Will you vote this election day to ensure that this happens?

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