Your Vote Matters!


If you haven’t decided whether you will vote for a mayoral candidate this year, you can tick the “yes” box now! It’s possible that you might be feeling like your vote won’t make a difference, but in fact, it can. Keep in mind that when a new mayor is elected, this person will hold a position of power in your city of Trenton. This fact should motivate you to make your voice heard!

In 1990, there were 22,113 Trenton voters at the polls who cast their ballot. This number has been cut in half. Twenty years later, there were only 11,035 voters present who cast a ballot, followed by a run-off election which only had 12,000 voters. These are the people who choose the Mayor, and especially if you live in the city of Trenton, it’s essential that you make sure to be one of them. The successor to Tony F. Mack will be selected during this current election. Learn about the goals and priorities of the candidates on our website and choose the candidate you would like to support and see as Mayor. When the day comes to cast a ballot, head to your nearest polling location and vote!

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