Why You Should Vote for City Council


While the mayor may be the face of the city, the City Council of Trenton is often overlooked, though extremely important.  From local laws to budget development, the decisions of the city council have a huge effect on Trentonians.  Here are the duties of this legislative branch:

  • Appoint top city officials, such as the chief of police
  • Write and pass local laws and ordinances, such as traffic ordinances, noise control, and pollution control
  • Develop and Approve the City Budget every year with the mayor
  • Can override the Mayor’s veto by 2/3 vote on legislation
  • Set local tax rates

Without the City Council, the city would not be able to function properly. Whether or not your pick for mayor ends up in office this spring, having city council members in your corner might just be the perfect way to have your interests represented.

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