The 6 Trenton Mayoral Candidates At A Glance


Having a hard time deciding which candidate is right for you? Unsure what each candidate stands for? This list provides an overview of each of the six candidates, showing what each their main focus is for their term, should they be elected.

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1. Jim Golden-Jim Golden has a focus on changing the tax structure  in Trenton, allowing for a greater overall income for citizens. In addition, Mr. Golden has a focus on improving Trenton’s schools. He also wants to create a task force to deal with the serious crimes in the city.


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2. Eric Jackson- Mr. Jackson is committed to reducing gang-related violence and crime in Trenton. He has expressed that he wants to improve the education systems in Trenton as well as the graduation rate.  Additionally, he has a focus on creating new jobs and accelerating economic development in the city of Trenton.

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3. Kathy McBride- Mayoral candidate Kathy McBride is focused on eliminating recurring poverty in the city of Trenton. She also wants to reduce crime rate to a small fraction of what it currently is. Finally, she plans to help invigorate the growth of new businesses,, improving the economic status of the city.

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4. Paul Perez- Candidate Paul Perez is dedicated to creating a crime reduction strategy for the city of Trenton. He wants to make city hall a friendly and efficient operation that serves the needs of Trenton citizens. Mr. Perez also had a key focus on increasing manufacturing in Trenton so as to bring about new jobs for the city.

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5. Walker Worthy - Walker worthy is interested in resolving Trenton’s financial issues, that have affected many Trenton citizens directly. He expresses that he wants to eliminate corruption in the local government of Trenton. Finally, Mr. Worthy wants to maintain a great deal of transparency in office.


6. Oliver “Bucky” Leggett-  Information retrieval for this candidate is still in process. However, it is clear that Mr. Leggett would like to help contribute to improving the city of Trenton in any way he can.

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